Elephant is an unforgettable journey into the backstage world of the circus, where human and animal emotions intertwine! The movie’s characters set out on a fascinating adventure full of unexpected encounters and discoveries. Fate brought them together on purpose, and together they will go through disappointment and hope, sorrow and joy, doubt and faith, and only the Elephant will help reveal the truth! This kind and touching story won’t leave anyone indifferent — neither children, not adults!

Release Date 4 October,
Genre Road Movie
Running time 87 minutes
Production Telesto production company in connection with ROCK Films and with support of the Ministry of Culture
Director Vladimir Karabanov
Scriptwriters Alexander Dorbinyan,
Vladimir Karabanov
Director of Photography Ruslan Gerasimenkov
Art Director Igor Kotsarev
Composer Sergey Ahunov
Producers Yaroslav Zhivov,
Elena Glikman,
Alexey Uchitel
Starring Sergey Shnurov,
Anastasia Bagrova,
Alexander Adabashyan,
Ivan Zhidkov,
Irina Shevchuk,
Yuri Sherstnev and others.

The circus is underway. But backstage there is a commotion: the crowd favourite elephant Bodhi is ill. The circus management decided to euthanise the elephant. In the morning a trailer comes. However, instead of a fatal trip, Bodhi together with the trailer driver Zarezin and the cute circus girl Bonnie sets of on a wonderful journey full of adventures, chases, plot twists and joyful meetings…



Vladimir Karabanov, director

This is a parable of the Miracle that hangs around people and which nobody wants. This is not a «Tsvetik-semitsvetik» or a magic wand, but a living being that needs love as much as a man. It's not being noticed, it is abandoned and killed by indifference. But there are two people to pick it. Those are the truck driver who selfishly wants to regain his lost world of love and harmony, plunge into his paradise by using a Miracle, and a circus «errand girl» who suddenly decides that she can save a miracle to extend it's life. After going through the trials the heroes «are reaching a new level of the game» — there the road movie comes to metaphysics — the girl enters the soul of the truck driver and there she asks for forgiveness for himself. The wonderful gift of men — to forget about themself and understand the pain of others and ask for those who stumbled and offended you — is finally that Miracle which one walks together through road of life with, and transforms the world into a fairy tale. But you can watch it as just «a film about an elephant being saved». That's all right.

Anastasia Bagrova, actress

I think that this film is about unfortunate fortuities. There are no chance meetings in life. The main characters are outcasts. They are alone, and each of them is at a crossroad in life. Their meeting brings all three together and leads them to a new path. They are looking for forgiveness and understanding. They become necessary to each other, because one loses the meaning of life, if nobody needs him. And the elephant becomes a link, a Miracle happened to the heroes, through which everyone finds what he was looking for. Maybe not in the material world, but in spiritual. Before entering the cinema you should leave all your adulthood outside and watch a movie by the eyes of a child and feel it not by the mind, but by the heart!

Elena Glikman, producer

I really wanted to make a film with director Vladimir Karabanov — one of the brightest and most talented of my fellow students at the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors. He brought to our studio the script of «The Elephant» — a touching and even unexpected story as the leading role had to be performed by the elephant. Not by a cat, not by, а bird, not by a donkey. By a real ELEPHANT weighing as much as 5 tons. All the members of the crew got an amazing and rare experience of communication with this animal. Besides, our elephant got some perfect partners: charming Anastasiya Smetanina and daring Sergey Shnurov. This trio of unwillingly friends is rushing in a truck towards the now common destiny… This film is really touching, sometimes funny, sometimes aching. «The Elephant» was shown on different International and Russian film festivals and unexpectedly got a bunch of prizes as a children's movie. Maybe it's just because the country's children's cinema is not being widely produced. And our «adult» but good story being neither vulgar nor terrifying had become one of the few movies that can be watched with the whole family. Well then, we are only FOR!

Yaroslav Zhivov, producer

This film is about the changes. About the changes that simple human feelings can cause in anybody, even in the most callous and frazzled man. It's also about how important is to maintain such feelings as love of neighbor or a sense of responsibility for the weak. In our time, when a tough, dynamic life irritates people, when on TV and cinema we see the hopelessness and triumph of heroes who trample any morality and human dignity, it is as ever important to show that just keeping the light of human feelings and helping each other and those who can not stand up for themselves we will be able to survive and remain human beings.

Film on festivals


«Leaf Fall» International Film Festival in Minsk

«Reflection» Moscow Open Youth Films Festival

«Smile, Russia» Open Russian Comedy Film Festival

«Spirit of Fire» International Festival of Cinematographic Debuts

«Golden Roof» International Theatre and Film Festival in Yaroslavl


Kinoshock Open Film Festival of the CIS countries, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia
GRAND PRIX at the children’s feature films festival «KinoMalyShock»

St. Petersburg Children’s Charity Film Festival
Diploma «For the best film in competitive program»

Moscow National Film Festival «The Moscow Premiere»
«Family Jury» prize for the best «adult» role of Anastasia Bagrova (Smetanina)

International festival of the Young European Cinema «VOICES»

Russian visual arts festival «Orlyonok»
GRAND PRIX in the «Cinematography» category; diploma «For the Best Female Role», diploma «For the Best Camerawork»

Open St. Anna Student and Debut Film Festival


Cairo International Film Festival

Honfleur Russian Film Festival

Tokyo International Film Festival

Warsaw International Film Festival

International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in Vladivostok «Pacific Meridian»
Special Yul Brynner award for the best female role was granted to actress Anastasia Bagrova (Smetanina)

Open Russian Film Festival «Kinotavr»