«Let's Be Acquainted»


Let’s Be Acquainted
Release date 2006
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 90 minutes
Production Telesto production company for the Russia TV channel
Screenplay Natalya Averina,
Lyubov Alymova
Director of Photography Victor Scheynin
Art Director Ilya Amurskiy
Composer Julia Donskaya
Producer Angelina Pavlichenko
Starring Ivan Volkov,
Nelly Pshennaya,
Natalya Moteva,
Tatyana Kravcheko,
Natalya Shchukina,
Alexey Maklakov and others.

Petya, a humble employee and obedient son, is convinced that nothing is more important purpose in life than taking care of his eccentric and capricious mother. Only upon finding true love does Petya realise that he can manage everything — both to arrange his mother’s personal happiness, and to find his own true calling…