«The Wrong Ones Are Always Kissed»


The Wrong Ones Are Always Kissed
Release Date 2005
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 88 minutes
Production Telesto production company for the Russia TV channel
Screenplay Valentin Azernikov
Director Dmitry Tomashpolskiy
Director of Photography Sergey Bordenyuk
Art Director Evgeniya Lisetskaya
Composer Ekaterina Semenova
Producer Oksana Bayrak
Starring Andrey Ilyin,
Victoria Isakova,
Ilya Noskov,
Galina Shevyakova,
Alexander Lykov and others.

A chance meeting of two longing lovers is always like a fairy tale. Everyone wants to belief in it, and it touches the young and elderly alike. And such stories always ought to happen in beautiful and amazing places — for example, in Yalta, a flourishing city on the banks of a bright blue sea.
After three years of separation, Andrey and Lena accidentally meet on the boardwalk. Fate gives them the chance to save their seemingly lost love; however at the same time it is already preparing new tests. Overcoming everything, the lovers finally find their happiness, leaving behind those with whom they lived throughout the years of separation. But were the only ones whom fate intended that chance meeting for? Maybe the time has come for Lena’s husband and Andrey’s wife to meet one another and find their true love?