Releas date 2006
Genre melodrama
Running time 90 minutes
Production Telesto production company for Channel One
Screenplay Olga Nagdaseva
Director Alexander Zelenkov
Director of Photography Alexander Shchurok
Art Director Valeriy Semenov
Composer Alexey Slepak
Producers Angelina Pavlichenko,
Elena Glikman
Starring Dmitry Ulyanov,
Anna Galinova,
Natalia Antonova,
Valeriy Hlevinsky,
Natalia Pozdnyakova,
Ulyana Lapteva,
Leonid Timtsunnik,
Sergey Vinogradov and others.

After finding out about the affair of his wife with a rich ‘Superman', Gleb leaves her and takes their small son with him. Trying to prove to both her and himself that he, too, can achieve a rapid success, Gleb sets out on a dangerous adventure. But he soon realises that the love of his relatives is more important than wealth…

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