«Cops and robbers»


Cops and robbers
Release Date 2008
Genre Thriller
Running time 4 series x 44 minutes
Production Telesto production company
Screenplay Tatiana Sarana
Director Konstantin Statskiy
Director of Photography Artem Polosatiy
Art Director Maria Grin
Composer Svyatoslav Kurashov
Producer Elena Glikman
Starring Alexander Bukharov,
Andrey Smolyakov,
Nikita Zverev,
Evgeniy Kindinov,
Angelika Volsky,
Inna Gomes,
Vladimir Yaglych,
Sergey Belov,
Elena Nikolaeva,
Leonid Bichevin,
Natalia Rudova,
Anna Khilkevich,
Ilya Khvostikov and others.

One evening in the quite town of Peshersk events take place, which abruptly change the lives of seven high-school graduates, as well as that of their older relatives. Driving down a dark country road, the friends run over a pedestrian who mysteriously disappears from the scene of the accident. The car belongs to a successful and well-known businessman nicknamed Kazak, while his nephew was behind the wheel. The accident might a lot of publicity and that will mean serious consequences: Kazak has just signed a lucrative deal with foreign investors who are likely to back out if they find out their new partner is involved in crime.
Kazak sends his 17-year-old nephew together with his six friends to live in a hunting lodge deep in the forest of a distant beaver reserve, far away from the problems threatening both Kazak and the friends. But a new enemy is already waiting for them — a ruthless and perhaps even invincible one … The horrifying events that the friends go through in the reserve are in a most surprising and mysterious way intertwined with the past of both Kazak and the parents of yesterday’s classmates.