«It's Best To Not Know»


It’s Best To Not Know
Release Date 2005 год
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 88 minutes
Production Telesto production company for the Russia TV channel
Screenplay Valentin Azernikov
Director Dmitry Tomashpolskiy
Director of Photography Sergey Bordenyuk
Art Director Evgeniya Lisetskaya
Composer Oleg Fedoseev
Producer Oksana Bayrak
Starring Viktor Rakov,
Daria Poverennova,
Dmitry Kharatyan,
Evgeniya Dmitriev and others.

One must have never experienced jealousy to say that it is a feeling unworthy of a refined people. In fact, no one is immune from this agonising feeling, not even such a smart, successful and wealthy man as Anton, the head of a large media holding. After all, he’s got plenty ground for jealousy more — his wife goes out for long and is evidently hiding with whom and where she spends her time. And then his friend tells him of a mysterious marriage agency, which arranges the acquaintance of young women with wealthy bachelors; strangely, the agency does so in identical circumstances to those that once brought Anton and his wife together.
Anton is ready to do anything in order to find out the truth — he organises surveillance after his wife and collects detailed information about the mysterious agency. When Anton finally finds something and his goal is seemingly achieved, he realises that in fact he was testing himself …