«Operation Righteous»


Operation Righteous is a kind Christmas comedy with elements of mysticism and devilry about the greatest miracle being love!

Operation Righteous
Release Date 2009
Genre Christmas comedy
Running time 120 minutes
Production Telesto production company for TV3 channel
Screenplay Andrey Maksimkov
Directors Pavel Bardin,
Maria Makhanko
Director of Photography Alexander Burtsev
Art Director Svetlana Dubina
Producers Elena Glikman,
Alexander Karpov,
Sergey Spiridonov
Starring Maria Mashkova,
Petr Barancheev,
Viktor Dobronravov,
Antonina Demanova,
Natalia Antonova,
Karen Badalov,
Galina Polskih,
Timofey Tribuntsev,
Stanislav Duzhnikov,
Evgeniy Dmitriev,
Tatyana Rudina,
Galina Kashkovskaya,
Rimma Markova and others.

The film takes place on New Year’s Eve. There is a problem in one of the circles of hell: the yearly numbers for sinners overcome by lust aren’t being met. The nearby circles are being successfully filled up with gluttons, embezzlers and tyrants, while sinners overcome by lust are hard to come by in our pragmatic age.
The head of this ‘lustful' circle, a senior devil called Willie, orders his subordinates to show some creativity. As an inspiring example, Willie offers his daughter, the talented devil Lilya, to conduct an exemplary ‘seduction of the righteous' - she is to instil in the modest young doctor Sergey the ability to spark an uncontrollable lust in all women he encounters.
The Christmas days turn into a series of unbelievable, funny and romantic events both for Sergey and all the other movie characters who come under the spell of the ‘lustful' circle…

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Sergey Spiridonov, producer

New Year’s is a holiday, possibly everyone’s favourite one, probably so because it is not associated with any historical events and dates, it’s just a celebration of good mood when everything seems to be starting over. Every New Year we start a new life, start it with a clean slate and a good mood. And how can this be achieved without love, without miracles, without magic and without a good Christmas story!

Elena Glikman, producer

There is a lot of humour and ‘tasty' dialogues in the movie, which serves to turn the characters alive and make the story interesting. Within the story, human characters are complemented by devils which is entertaining; in all fairness, I wouldn’t even call them devils as these characters aren’t the embodiment of some infernal forces, but rather are fictional magical characters that add a sense of fairytale to this comedic story in the name of love.

Pavel Bardin, director

The meaning of this story is love, just like the meaning of our lives is in love, and the meaning of human relationships is in love, in its various forms and manifestations. This is what the movie is really about. And the devils make the story a little philosophic. After all, even a devil can turn into a person if love exists.