«Traumatologist's Wedding Dress»


Traumatologist’s Wedding Dress
Release Date 2006
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 176 minutes
Production Telesto production company for the Russia TV channel
Screenplay Valentin Azernikov
Director Alexey Kolmogorov
Director of Photography Andrey Samarets
Art Director Valery Semenov
Composer Alexey Safronov
Producers Sergey Arshinov,
Andrey Arshinov
Starring Anatoly Zhuravlev,
Evgenia Dmitrieva,
Euclid Kyurdzidis,
Vera Voronkova,
Andris Lielais,
Viktor Stepanov and others.

Igor and Elena decide to hold a fun and festive their 5 year marriage anniversary celebration. He is a brave and generous officer of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations. She is decisive and feminine, the most famous traumatologist in Odessa. They both are still young enough to have a long and happy life together, however formally the loving spouses are foreigners to one another. It would seem as is this is only reason preventing the couple’s happiness, but suddenly amidst the anniversary celebrations Elena announces her intention to divorce her husband …