«Quiet family life»


When jealously moves into the house, it ceases to be a fortress…

Quiet family life
Release Date 2008
Genre Psychological Thriller
Running time 115 minutes
Production Telesto production company
Scriptwriter Lilia Borovskaya
With the participation of Olga Nagdaseva
Director Matvey Zhivov
Director of Photography Vladimir Bashta
Art Director Denis Isaev
Composer Alexey Aygi
Producer Elena Glikman
Staring Ekaterina Klimova,
Svetlana Hodchenkova,
Anatoliy Beliy,
Yana Esipovich,
Vladimir Skvortsov,
Karen Badalov,
Yuriy Tsurilo and others.

Two families of neighbours in an expensive suburban Moscow village lead a prosperous and respectable life. In the mornings the men, Gleb and Oleg — young top managers of a major production company, go to work, while their, Maria and Inessa, engage in the household chores. It seems that nothing can overshadow the quiet family life of these couples, but then in one of the houses there appears a new servant — a strange and mysterious girl named Nyura …



Yana Esipovich, actress

My heroine Nyura is a very strange person living in a world of her own. It is interesting to observe the very fine line of normality, adequacy and complete not understanding of what is happening around. Her actions may come across as those of a madman, but for Nyura they are absolutely logical. Remember the proverb ‘the road to hell is paved with good intentions? — this is exactly the case… I'm really interested in this picture. It’s rare to come across such a script, where everything from start to finish creates the atmosphere of a thriller. Usually, the script slides into a melodrama, or even a comedy. I like that my heroine’s story line supports the film’s thriller genre and does not let it transform into anything different.

Karen Badalov, actor

This film is about good relationships with loved ones breaking down. About how scary it is to loose trust in someone, to start suspecting him of treachery. First doubts appear, these give rise to fears which then start eating you up from inside, and crazy things begin happening with people. I think it’s a very lifelike story. If we take a hidden camera and film someone whose life is poisoned by mistrust and suspicion, and then show him how he has changed over the years, I think many people simply be terrified.