May 21, 2015

The Gulls has been chosen to participate in the 26th Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr

We are pleased to inform you that Ella Manzheeva’s film The Gulls has been chosen to participate in the 26th Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, which will be held in Sochi between the 7th and 14th of June.

The film will be shown in the Winter Theatre at 16.00 on the 11th of June. It will be presented by its director Ella Manzheeva, the producers Elena Glikman and Yaroslav Zhivov and actors Evgeniya Mandzhieva, Evgeny Sangadzhiev, Lyubov Ubushieva, Sergei Adyanov and Dmitry Mukeev.

Comments of the producer Elena Glikman:
We wanted to be part of Kinotavr no less than of the Berlinale. The Gulls was born at the Kinotavr, as this is where I first met its future director Ella Manzheeva. I read her script and instantly knew it would work. Next year, I presented the project at the Kinotavr pitching and won! We really wanted to return to Kinotavr with a finished film, and are very happy that our wishes have come true!

The film’s seven screenings in the Forum program of the Berlin Film Festival helped attract enormous interest from both the audience and the international professional film community. In addition to the Kinotavr film festival, the film has been invited to numerous festivals around the world, the next of which are the international film festivals in Karlovy Vary, Edinburgh, Haifa, Warsaw and Tokyo.

Comments of the producer Elena Glikman:
«It is very important to us that our country will be represented at international festi-vals by this subtle, smart and talented film, a film shot in Kalmykia, one of the most unique Russian republics, by a Kalmyk director in Kalmyk and Russian languages. Feature films have not been shot in this Buddhist region, the only one of its kind in Europe, for over 30 years. This fact, as well as the film itself, were so unexpected and striking, that after the Berlinale screenings there were more than a hundred Russian and international publications with reviews or mentions of The Gulls. I believe that this interest will only grow after the film’s participation at the Kinotavr.