Our office is located on the territory of the Mosfilm film studio. The address is Moscow, Mosfilmovskaya 1.
Phone: +7 (499) 143-95-59

Attention! As a visitor pass system is in operation on the territory of the film studio, all visitors are obliged to give note of their visit in advance and be in possession of an identity document.

Elena Glikman

Elena Glikman

Sofia Domnikova

Sofia Domnikova
Financial Director

Suzanna Darni

Suzanna Darni
Director of Advertising and PR

To authors

The Telesto production company is pleased to consider author’s own scripts and music as well as acting portfolios.

We kindly request that all emails are sent to In the subject line please indicate the type of the material and the working title.

The time for the consideration of the received works depends on the company’s current workload. Unfortunately, answering each author proves impossible, however we will make sure be in contact with you if the work interests us.