«The Colour of Heaven»


The Colour of Heaven
Release date 2006
Genre Romantic Comedy
Running time 90 minutes
Production Telesto production company for the Russia TV channel
Screenplay V. Zakharov
Director Natalia Belyauskene,
Evgeniy Vaskevich
Director of Photography Ruben Shahbazyants
Art Director Sergey Tyrin,
Zhanna Pakhomova
Music Khoronko Orchestra
Producer Angelina Pavlichenko
Starring Sergey Belogolovtsev,
Natalia Kurdyubova,
Sergey Belyaev,
Angelina Mirimskaya,
Eduard Truhmenev,
Evdokia Germanova,
Tomas Motskus,
Anna Nevskaya and others.

For Katya and Mikhail the sky has long become their true home, one where they spend significantly more time than in their real earthly houses. Katya is a flight attendant on international flights, while Mikhail flies every few days from one country to another in order to personally oversee negotiations entrusted to him by the firm’s management.
Despite their apparent success, both Katya and Mikhail try to forget themselves amongst the hustle and bustle of airports, amidst the encounters and separations of strangers — all in order to avoid thinking of their own loneliness.
Having run past each other hundreds of times, Katya and Mikhail happen to stop and meet; however far from immediately do they realise that their meeting was written in the sky. Mikhail and Katya will have to overcome both mutual mistrust and hurtful misunderstandings as well as many a serious obstacle until the heavenly marriage will finally happen.