«Тhe 7th run around the Globe»


An occasion happening at the Motor Transport Enterprise during a Christian Shrove Sunday brings dramatic changes to the life of it’s security guard Mikhail…

Тhe 7th run around the Globe
Release Date 2020
Genre Drama
Running time 97 minutes
Production Telesto-Film Company
Screenplay Vitaly Suslin
Director Vitaly Suslin
Director of Photography Alexey Mishchikha
Composer Mikhail Kandaurov
Creative producer Tatiana Sarana
Co-producer Larisa Oleynik
Producer Elena Glikman
Starring Starring Alexander Karnaushkin,
Galina Churilova,
Anna Makhlina,
Alexander Zhdanov and others

Mikhail is 59 years old, and for more than 30 years he works at the motor transport enterprise, where he also lives in a self-made workshop. He has a beloved pregnant daughter, a hobby to draw paintings and a favourite car of a heavenly color. Natasha, a warehouse keeper, offers him a deal: to hand over the waste metal stored at the warehouse to the scrap metal reception center and divide the money. Mikhail takes pity on Natasha and agrees. On the road to the reception center he gets stopped by the police. In order to avoid litigation, Mikhail asks the director of the company not to file a theft report. The director agrees but fires Mikhail anyway. Now he’s left homeless and unemployed…